British Indian Ocean Territory -
"As they strolled through the British garrison, Chan admired the unusual coat of arms and flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The coat of arms was granted in 1990 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the territory’s establishment. A shield at the centre bears a palm tree and St. Edward's Crown over three white, wavy lines representing the ocean. It has a quarter of the sun shining in the upper-left corner and the Union Flag across the top. A hawksbill turtle and a green turtle are used as supporters, much as the Lion and Unicorn on Britain’s royal coat-of-arms, standing on a sandy surface with shells. A crown with ship’s sails sits on top of the shield with a red tower coming from it flying the territory’s flag. The Latin motto at the base is IN TUTELA NOSTRA LIMURIA - “Limuria is in our trust”, a reference to the non-existent continent of Limuria, or more commonly Lemuria, once thought to occupy the Indian Ocean as Atlantis occupied the Atlantic."

"Albrecht Rademacher is a cultured gangster. His parents did everything they could to give him a good education. They were appreciative of the arts and literature and would show him all this beauty but, since his parents were poor, he spent the early part of his childhood in poverty and, as he saw it, the luxury of art and literature did not fit. From the squalor of his neighbourhood, art became fleeting to him - chocolate box piffle!
The only painting that meant anything, the only painting that held the truth, the only painting that told him “this is life!”, was Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes."

Arlena Naicker (chapter 67) - Cape Town, South Africa
“Want to know what is rocking my boat at the moment?” she asked, with a serious look.
“Tell me.”
Then she told him directly to his face that she wanted his touch and love. She said she knew she could not have him to herself but tonight he had no one else.
“I live for the moment,” he said.
“Then let’s make this our moment,” she said and in this respect he obligated the both of them because he wanted to do so. He had wanted to do so since he first saw her in the pyjama shirt. With the sound of the carnival still resounding and echoing in the distance, they spent the night in her bedroom giving joy and delight to each other under the intermittent twinkling of unbladed stars travelling through the heavens.

Julian Cheah's novel "THE GALLANT: WHEN THE ANGELS DARE" with Michael Brech

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FRANKFURT (Chapter 8) - That night, as Chan penetrated the hideout, he killed without mercy, without hesitation, without remorse and he killed knowing that he had done the right thing. Body after body, the skin trade kidnappers fell one after another. Their mouths filled with blood and their dead bodies lay with open eyes. Bullets sounded like thunder and gun sparks flashed like lightning. Chan moved through the halls like an angel from hell, skilled and relentless. Thoughts ran through his mind as he killed these people, thoughts such as to whether God would approve of his actions or whether he would be label him a sinner. “If God hadn’t wanted me do this, he wouldn’t have made it so easy,” he told his nagging thoughts.

Excerpts from the book "The Gallant: When The Angels Dare":-



Back at Ellsworth, in the privacy of his study, Thomas Chan sits on a large chair behind his beloved writing desk. It is a large, ornately carved, wooden piece and reminds Chan of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, which he has had occasion to visit a couple of times, though the president didn’t know. He has Anson’s behaviour on his mind. The thoughts travelled back with him on his drive through London. Is Anson reaching the end of his nerves?

Uppsala, Sweden
"Before meeting her, Chan took time to explore the city. He visited Uppsala Cathedral, a venerable place with many gated side chapels; Uppsala Castle, which contains the Museum of Nordic Antiquities; the 18th century Archbishop’s Palace and the University Hall with its breathtaking domed ceiling, a fine example of Italian renaissance Beaux-Arts style architecture. He enjoys moments such as these where he can be by himself and quietly meditate the history of a country, its people and its culture."


Left behind by the woman he loves and to whom he gave everything, Albrecht Rademacher psychologically turns to the dark side of humanity and lays his plans for the future.

Thomas Chan is a former SAS solder who has attracted a team of army buddies and women who believe in fighting for a cause which MI6 knows are willing to go the extra to fight this evil.

Thomas Chan is alluring, mysterious and glamorous. Beneath the facade, there are those who believe that he is a thief and mercenary but who would take seriously these accusations.